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Carter + Jane PickFix™

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Use PickFix™ after you have picked your skin, cuticles.


This product comes in a rollerball and should be rolled over picked skin/cuticles.


As needed


This is a great product for dry, cracked cuticles.

The smell and the application style are perfect for post-picking relief. It can also be used on your cuticles.

— Le CultureClub

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✋ Feels

Light and smooth. The oil has a barely-there feeling, yet velvety to the touch. 

👃 Smells

The pickfix has a light effervescent scent to it. I get hints of citrus, vanilla and almond. 

👅 Sensations

The roller is cool to the touch, but the oil creates no sensation. 

The Cla Ims

PickFix™ helps minimize scarring from picked skin and helps soothe already picked skin. 

Beauty executives and best friends, Susan Carter and Sara Jane went on a decade long journey to find one skin care product that would do it all. The end result of their amazing adventure exceeded their wildest expectations...The Everything Oil is here!

The Carter + Jane mission is to formulate the most effective organic skin care on the effective that you don't feel like you are giving up product performance by moving to a clean product. Instead, you have the confidence that you are using the most effective skin care on the market, that just happens to be organic. We believe in equality and kindness for people, planet and pets.

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